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COCAR™ Commercial Bus Tour:
2017 Subject: Developable Properties near the Street Car Route
(or: How do we get 14 residential units per acre within walking distance of Street Car Route?)
Date:     Thursday, September 7, 2017
Lunch Location: 214 E Main Street 
                                  * Downtown OKC (Jill Brown DeLozier, Vice President) 
                                        ♦ Master Plans (MidTown, Automobile Alley, Bricktown)
                                       Downtown OKC is a, a non-profit community development and
                                       downtown management organization.
                                  * The Alliance for Economic Development of OKC  (Nicolle
                                     Goodman, Director of Redevelopment Programs ) Available
                                     properties in the Core-To-Shore and along the Oklahoma Blvd.
                                  * MAPS Office - David Todd, Program Manager for the MAPS office
                                      for the City of Oklahoma City - MAPS 3 Update
                                  * OKC Planning Dept  (Lisa Chronister, Principal Planner, Current
                                     Planning and Urban Design Division) - Zoning issues in
                                    developing sufficient residential densities to support the
                                    Streetcar operation, Transit Oriented Development,
                                     current permits in Downtown & Core-to-Shore areas.
                                  * Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency: (Darrell Beavers, Housing
                                     Development Team Leader) available state and federal programs
                                      that encourage the development of affordable housing, in addition
                                      to market rate housing.
                Board the Bus
                            To answer questions on the Tour:     
                                 * CoStar - (Jamie Limberg, Bus Tour MC) will provide a List of
                                     Available properties  and other demographics within walking
                                     distance of the Street Car route
                                 * ADG - Kristen Torkelson - MAPS 3 Streetcar Media Contact; Kristen
                                     is responsible with providing updates to all property owners along
                                     the streetcar route
                                 * Flyby - Page Woodson Affordable Housing Developments (discussion
                                     by Darrell Beavers of OHFA who was instrumental in financing)
                                 * Stop - Street Car Maintenance Facility tour & Presentation by
                                    Embark (Jason Ferbrache) at Union Station on issues concerning
                                     the MAPS 3 Modern Street Car Operations and 
                                    Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
                                 * Resume Street Car route tour - north to St Anthony   
                    3:00 pm Return to 214 E Main Street

          Wrap-Up Debriefing Session

          Bricktown Brewery

          Sponsored by CoStar     


Automobile Alley


and a discussion of Affordable Living progects at Page Woodson

This proposed Streetcar Impact Area
i s about 1,200 acres within a "short walking distance" of the MAPS 3 Streetcar route (3 to 4 blocks). With a density 14 housing units per acre, we would have 16,800 housing units.   US Census 2016 demographics for the area show about:
  • 7,400 - Total Population 
  • 2,950 - Total Households 
  •      715 - Family Households 
  • 3,700 - Housing Units 
    • Own a home 800
    • Rent a home 2,900
Other statistics
  •           12 - Hotels-2,100 rooms (for Downtown Hotels Summary, goto - www.okctalk.com)
Estimated current Housing Density is about 2.9 units per acre.  With about 5,000 housing units expected to be brought on line in the next 12 months, density would be 6.8
(Population, Household, and Housing data are taken from different government agencies)
Source: Realtors Property Resource
Greater Downtown Statistic
  • 71,000 - Employees
  •   8,500 - Residents
  •            16 - Hotels
  •         160 - Restaurants
  •            62 - Retail
  •            47 - Museums and Attractions
  •            27 - Bars and Nightclubs
 Source: Downtown OKC Inc.

Steering Committee:

Willis Washington, Chair
Jack Werner Ph.D.
Jamie Limberg
Darin Dalbom, MAI
David Chapman, Ph.D.
Bart Binning Ed.D.

2017 Commercial Bus Tour

Increasing the Density of the Streetcar Impact Area

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A to Z Inspections

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CoStar Property Analytics

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City Wide Refrigeration

Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Place: Packards's Event Center (201 NW 10th / Packard Building),
               free parking immediately south of the building

The Bus Tour Event will have three sections:

  • Lunch and CE (#173728) Commercial Issues of the ADA (Packard Event Center) (1 hour CE, satisfies OREC Fair Housing Requirement)
    Registration Limit - 70    
    Presenter: Keith Wilkerson, City of Oklahoma City ADA Coordinator
  • Bus Tour Registration Limit - 31 plus 4 wheelchair

* Tour of 123 Parking Garage - pointing out Assessibality issues often overlooked and

   Hatch Early Mood Food Restaurant : Presenter: Brian Fitzsimmons, AIA

* Update on Wheeler Park with stop at Ferris Wheel for ride and pictures: Presenter: Blair Humphreys

* Follow the Route of the proposed Bus Rapid Transit Route (Downtown Transportation Center to Meridian & NW Expressway) with discussion focusing on ADA Aspects of the proposed route and potential Transit Oriented Dvelopment possibilities.  Tour Guide: Chip Noland, Manager of Short Range Planning and Scheduling at EMBARK (for more information on the proposed route, goto ( http://www.okctalk.com/showthread.php?t=41038 )

*  Santa Fe Life Center

  • Networking (Packard Rooftop) No registration Required
For more information contact
          Event Chair: Willis Washington (willis@a-daptivesolutions.com)
          Association Executive: Peggy Missel (membership@cocar.org)

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2018 Commercial Bus Tour

Commercial ADA & Transit Oriented Development near OKC's Proposed NW Area Express Bus Route